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Countries determine a cultural policy within the framework of historical, sociological, demographic conditions and management acceptances. However, due to these factors brought about by different conditions, there have been significant differences in cultural policies between countries. Followed by the Republic of Turkey at this point in very different historical experiences and policies from each other from time to time due to the different acceptances of the country's leaders. These changes in the world situation in terms of Turkey, acceptances of the exchange and socio-political conditions in the country's ruling party has become an important arguments. This study will be called sub-identity group of the Republic of Turkey within the scope of the issues stated Posha or international literature in the language they speak Starting from Lomavr when called to answer the question of what policies toward the audience to look and relevant audience of social, historical, and for the promotion of economic and cultural terms. Despite the limitations of the literature on the subject in terms of Turkey's importance threads increases the importance of the study. The study was carried out in a limited region but with the organization of the data obtained from the question and answer methods with the observation of far / close participation as a result of the ties established with the persons identified for more than one year in order to eliminate the problems experienced in identity studies. Republic of Turkey's civil society organizations on the subject was moving policies implemented against ethnic identity compared with the determination obtained in field work in order to contribute to the identification of future programs, publications for his cultural policy of the relevant departments of the academy and the state have been examined.

Cultural Policy, Pouches, Lomavren

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