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The purpose of this study is to give information about the history and literature of Kars to high school students located in the center of Kars, to raise their awareness in terms of the historical and literary features of their geography where they are located in and to increase their level of interest in Kars history and literature. In this study, mixed method in which quantitative and qualitative methods are included in collecting and analysing the data was used. The sample group of the study consisted of 164 grade 2 high school students studying at three different high schools in Kars. As a means of data collection, a multiple-choice 26-point achievement test (pre-test and post-test), two open-ended questions (pre-and post-application), an open-ended feedback form/Interest Determination Form consisting of three items (pre-and post-application) were used. After the application, a student feedback form consisting of four questions was used to determine the students'opinions after the practice. The data obtained from the achievement test were analyzed by SPSS 20 program and the other qualitative data have descriptive and content analysis. In the analysis of the data obtained from the achievement test (paired-sample t test), a significant difference was determined in favor of the last test in the achievement of the students. It was determined in the analysis of the qualitative data that the application created positive emotions and thoughts on the students. As a result, it can be said that sharing the knowledge and experiences of the faculty members/staff in the universities with the students in cooperation with the YÖK and MEB may cognitively and affectively affect secondary school students in a positive way.

Kars, historical consciousness, literal consciousness, young generation, history and literature educ

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