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Abstract: The prayer (~alkış (alka- “övmek, methetmek”) and the curses (~kargış (karga- “beddua etmek”)) which are transfering from generation to generation are consist of saying and well-worn expression that contain the material and moral values of Turkish cultural life. Even if according to time and space, they use in different shapes, prayer means that praying to Allah, saying holy text for prayer and the curse means that asking someone to fall into a bad state from Allah (cc.) with all one’s heart and soul. While the prayer consists of wish of health, joy, mirth, a long lifetime and benevolence, the curse consists of bad wishes such as disability, hostility, hatred, anger, difficulty, weakness and death. İn terms of meaning, prayers has positive meaning, curse is negative meaning. However in both of them, there are have a meaning for trusting in Allah and refering somebody to Allah. Prayer and cure which is saying expressed more effectively emotions, thoughts and dreams of Turkish cultural life has an important place in identifying and resurning some words or meanings that have been lost in language. Although prayer and curses used in Antalya dialects has some partnerships with Standard Turkish, in terms of structure and meaning has some original features to the spoken region. In this context, in our text and word compilation are many archaic words which is contribute to Turkish dialects. In this article, prayer and curses will firstly have been classified in terms of meaning, then examined in terms of structure and in the light of numerical data, a general evaluation will have been made about the use of prayer and curses in the dialect of Antalya.

Dialects of Antalya, blessing, cursing, meaning, structure

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