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This study is aimed at analyzing the skills of preservice social studies teachers’ as to how they identify a current event, how they relate it to social studies and how they can write about a current event in an argumentative text by using methods of argumentation. In the research, one of the qualitative research methods, i.e. the phenomenology design, was employed. As a data collection tool, “Current Event Evaluation Form” was used which was created by the researcher based on Toulmin’s (1958) argument model as well as experts’ opinions. This measurement tool was applied to 188 preservice teachers, including 99 female and 89 male students in their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year at Akdeniz University Education Faculty in the 2018-2019 academic year. 60 current event evaluation forms were analyzed in total, by selecting 15 randomized current evaluation form from each grade level, and this constituted the study group. Descriptive analysis and Toulmin’s (1958) Argument Pattern were used for analysis of the data obtained from the study group. When the research findings are analyzed overall, it was discovered that all preservice social studies teachers in the study group can identify a current event. It was observed that 46 out of 60 preservice teachers can relate a current event to the social studies lesson by associating it with social studies learning domains. In the gender variable, positive change was detected in favor of the male preservice teachers in relating current events identified by the preservice teachers to social studies lesson and this also showed positive change in the variables of grade level and GPA. Lastly, it can be asserted that the preservice teachers at all grade levels failed to develop a quality argument and evaluate the current events they identified.

Social Studies, current event, preservice teacher, argument, argumentation

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