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Intraorganizational communication is an activity that enables organizations to carry out healthy activities and it is a fundamental organizational activity that enables the organization to be permanent through long-term works. The more effective the communication between the members and the branches or units within the organization, the more efficient the organization will be. Indeed, the success or failure of organizations depends on the success or failure of their employees. The ability of the members to conduct efficient activities is related to the quality of communication in their contacts with other members and administrators. In this context, organizations should give utmost importance to organizational communication in order to achieve continuity and to obtain the highest efficiency from their work. In this study, Organization, Organizational Communication, Problems in Organizational Communication and Problems of Organizational Communication were discussed, the literature review was made in line with these titles. The questionnaire was prepared and applied to the academic staff in accordance with the theoretical part of the study. The aim of this study is to identify the communication problems frequently encountered in internal communication and to search for solutions to these problems. In the study titled "Common Problems in Organizational Communication: The Case of Erciyes University Academic Staff", it was researched whether the academic staff working in Erciyes University had communication problems in the organizational field and the results were evaluated. A comprehensive survey study was conducted in the context of the theory. Thus, the problems encountered in communication within the organization are identified and the source of these problems has been reached. In this way, it has been suggested solutions for the internal communication problems faced by academic staff.

Organizational communication, corporate communication, Erciyes University, academic staff.

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