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Myths that helped to connect the past with an early person, bring modern times to a comfortable and non-problematic life, lead the future and represent the behaviorals patterns of life, have reached today even if its meaning has changed. Myths become sources for art because of reveal to creative feature of human and represent the situation of humanity with symbols. Over time, the myth that is formulated in genres such as fairy tale, epic, legend, manifests itself in poetry, novels and stories. It can also be said that there are myths in the origin of the theater. This situation can begin with imitative acts of ceremonies of early-period communities. There are writers who also use mythos in Turkish literature with several dimensions. Güngör Dilmen who reveals the dramatic meaning of mythological and historical events and to form the his work uniquely, also criticizes the age at the same time. He disposals the historical and mythical identity from the petrified image of the past; enhance their contradictions, their weakness, their passions and positioning them as a true dramatic man in the heart of his work. This study will focus on the mythical structure of the Midas'ın Kulakları, Midas'ın Altınları, Midas'ın Kördüğümü, which are belong to Güngör Dilmen.

Güngör Dilmen, mythology, theater, Midas'ın Kulakları, Midas'ın Altınları, Midas'ın Kördüğümü.

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