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In this study, the relationship between the terms calling and happiness and work meaning has been examined. Besides, the role of work meaning has been discussed in this relationship. The study is carried out in two different times with two different samples. The first sample group consists of 205 nurses who work at the private hospitals in Antalya. The second sample group consists of 293 nurses who work at the public health institutions in Isparta. With the first sample group, the adaptation of the Brief Calling Scale which was developed by Dik et al. (2012) into Turkish culture has been done and it is found valid and reliable. In the second study conducted by the second sample group, the Turkish adaptation of the Brief Calling Scale, Happiness scale developed by Abdel-Khalek (2006) and Work and Meaning Inventory developed by Steger et al. have been used. The data gathered using the SPSS and AMOS programs and analyzed by structural equation modeling. As a result of the analyses conducted with the second sample group, it has been determined that presence of calling which is one of the dimensions of calling has a positive and significant relationship with happiness and work meaning, however the search for calling dimension does not have any significant relationship with these variables. In addition to this, work meaning has a mediator role on the effect of the presence of calling and happiness. It is also found in the study that the search for calling does not play any role in this relationship. The findings obtained have been discussed within the scope of the literature and suggestions have been made.

Calling, Happiness, Work Meaning, Nurses

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