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Martin Crimp is one of the most distinctive and reformist playwright both in England and Europe. In the light of postmodern and Contemporary British Drama, this article reads Martin Crimp’s most well known play Attempts on Her Life (1997) in the context of post-truth world. In the 17 contradictory scenarios of Attempts on Her Life, Martin Crimp questions who or what Anne or Anny, Annie, Anya and Annushka is. Is Anne an astray, a tourist guide, or courier, porn star and new brand of car? This woman character cannot be seen or felt physically. The exsitence of the woman is questioned whether it is real or not. On the other hand, politic lies, whose reality is questioned, have been analyzed under the title of post-truth politics. Drawing mainly on the terms of media, ideology, politics, consumerism, lies and social corruption, particularly focusing on critical role of post-truth and its deconstruction role of valuation of truth and human relations, Crimp’s masterpiece will be examined. The aim of this study is to analyze Crimp’s new kind of play through the lens of terms forming post-truth which devastates the fundamental values and identities and represents predetermined scenarios to society. In other words Crimp’s play interrogates who Anne really is? and what the truth of any complicated scenarios really is?

Post-Truth, Martin Crimp, Attempts on Her Life

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