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The publication of texts is the first and one of the most important steps of the works on classical Turkish literature. Performing text publication within the framework of certain principles is both essential in the scientific examination stage of literature and important in terms of establishing a certain style and method. The realization of the text requires a series of researcher activities such as determination of all copies as from starting from identification of the text, reviewing the existing catalogues, description of copy, accurate reading and translation, and correct application of methods. Any arbitrariness in this matter prevents the work from surviving in its original state and thus the text is likely to be incorrectly and incompletely published. The transcription of Muhammad Hulûsî's divançe into the Latin alphabet was done based on just one copy. Yet, even though the translation copy had some superiorities, it was seen that it was missing certain poems that were found in other copies of the manuscript. Additionally, while some repairs were made to the latinized translation, however, when the copies were compared, it was seen that deficiencies considered necessary for repair were currently present in the other copies. These deficiencies included misreadings, misinterpretations, and even mistakes and inconsistencies in latinized translation of verses, hadiths, and words of the great people. This study will consider many matters detected in transcription of the Turkish divançe with Arabic alphabet into Latin script and include our recommendations as well as standardized rules within the mentioned current framework or other related suggestions.

Text publication, textual criticism, Divançe-i Muhammed Hulûsî, detections, recommendations.

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