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China, which has been trying to achieve a hard power through economic development and military modernization, has been trying to support the use of hard power with soft power in recent years. China, of which political system is not attractive for many people in the world, has a public diplomacy under the leadership of the State and uses its soft power. China is making intense efforts to convey its policies, identity, values, and culture and invests in improving its capacity to use soft power. For this purpose, China has focused on media studies that can change the global media environment. China, which defends the view that the West monopolizes its power of discourse in the international arena, has recognized the need to create an international publication to change the global media environment, and has implemented global broadcasting to convey its message and increase its power of discourse. The CGTN, which broadcasts in this direction, has been tried to be branded as a soft power movement under the guidance of the Party State and is integrated into the soft power strategy. The Chinese government has attached great importance to CGTN in the protection of traditional national values, in reflecting national identity and in improving its national image. CGTN, which operates under a strict political control of the government, desires to become one of the world renowned news media and announces the voice of Beijing as a media expansion policy to the world. This article aims at examining the development of CCTV and CGTN as an instrument of China's soft power strategy and reviewing the programs and contents of CGTN English at an international level. The study is based on China's soft power in a wide range, public diplomacy, and analysis of CGTN at a methodological level.

China, Public Diplomacy, Soft Power, CCTV, CGTN

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