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The three major transition periods of human life are birth, marriage and death. These three significant stages are divided into some sub-headings within themselves. In all of there titles, there are many pieces of ceremonies, traditions, magical and religious ritual practices repeated in Anatolia for centuries. These practices are performed in direct proportion to the culture of the region in which they are affiliated. The aim of these practices and rituals performed in almost all parts of Anatolia is to identify important processes, bless, repeat and intensify its rememberability by means of animation. These processes, which differ in each region, have some meanings within them. The practice of “making the forties and eggs" which are predominantly seen and identified in some provinces of Aegean region and Marmara region, is one of the practices within the birth stage from transition periods. It includes birth, the accouchement, which is forty days of crucial and critical process. Accouchement is a period in which the mother and the baby who are generally unprotected, are protected through various religious and magical processes. Accouchement, which is such an important and dreary process, are terminated with the “making the forties" tradition. The mother and the baby, who are purified from the evil eye and evil spirits by means of making the forties, make a family, neighbour and relative visit in a way we named “the first time going-out". It is one of the important traditional practices that people make good wishes, desires and prayers are expressed by attributing them to some elements, the egg is regarded as the main element. Besides the wish that the baby is healthy and sound like an egg, it is fairly significant to give the basket where there are many mythological and religious meanings in addition to salt, rice and sugar and maintain this tradition.

Birth, Transition Period, Practice, Celebration, Egg

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